All age group participants took part in marathon organized in Gurugram

July 16, 2018, Gurgaon


Sunday become a refreshing day for the residents of Bandhwari Village, as over 400 people from the village participated in the state-organized marathon in the area. Giving equality message to the people from several backgrounds all over India. The marathon witnessed participation of runners from all age groups.

As per the stats available, children from age group 3 to old person with age 80 showed their skills in the contest by participating in the event. Ladies with household jobs also participated in the marathon without wearing any sports gear but giving more importance to Indian essence and tradition in their portrayal.

The marathon was the hot topic amongst the residents of the area for a very long time. Finally, on Sunday after giving the finishing touch to all preparation, Earth Savior Foundation hosted the marathon in Bandhwari region.

Spokesperson of the foundation after completion of marathon said that the village comprises of great enthusiast and energetic population of all age groups that’s why their team chose Bandhwari village to organize the event.

Marathon for nature was supported by many popular and respected names. Soni Yadav and Sashashtra Seema Bal (SSB) leader Amita Negi along with her team took part in the event to boost the morale of participants. Residents of Gurugram took part in the event in different categories of the marathon, mainly the contest witnessed 3,5, and 10km run in the event.