AKB School honors winners of District Level Karate Championship

August 1, 2018, Faridabad


AKB School on Tuesday honored all the 9 winners who won title in the District Level karate Championship organized in Faridabad’s Gera Smriti Bhawan.

In girls’ category Yatika Rawat won gold in 29kg matches and Divansh grabbed gold in 23kg category. Prince collected silver medal in 20kg category Karate matches. Events for 10-11 years old students proclaimed mayank with silver medal in 29kg tournament, Jatin wins silver in 34kg category and Krishna settled for silver medal in 26kg category. In girls category, Lipanshi aimed bronze in 26kg matches and Tushar added bronze medal in 34kg events.

In addition to single category performers; Vikas, Shivam, Pankaj, Param, Sahil and Shivam performed well to categorize their team at no.01 spot in the tournament. School’s Karate Coach Inderjeet interacting with media mentioned that all the gold medal winners will be entertained for the direct entry to the State-Level Competition.

School: AKB Global School

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