Aditya, Neer and Samayra excels as State Badminton Champions

September 24, 2018, Noida, Greater Noida


Aditya Verma, Neer Nehwal and Samayra Pawar were named as the State Badminton Champion in the Sub Junior Competition held. The State Level Competition finally folded up on Sunday in Azamgarh.

All the highlighted players were the best players in the Doubles Category matches. In the Under 17 age category competition First Seed gainer Aditya Verma attained win against Aarush Srivastava in straight set play with 21-17, 21-11 scoreline. He grabbed the easy win in the final in a rally of just 35 minutes play.

Under 15 age category witnessed same situation as Neer Nehwal grabbed the winning trophy against Abhay Raj Jha in straight set of 21-11, 21-19. Samayra triggered win against first seed achiever Priya Shukla in straight set of 21-14 and 21-14.

School: Dream Public School, Genesis Global School, Sarla Chopra Dav Public School

Student: Neer Nehwal, Samayara Panwar, Aditya Verma

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