Ace shooter and a dentist Heena Sidhu

Heena Sidhu is an ace shooter and a dentist. She was born on 29 August 1989. She became the 1st Indian pistol shooter to reach number one in world rankings by the International Shooting Sport Federation(ISSF) on 7 April 2014. In 2013 she won the 10 meter air pistol event where her score was 203.8 and became the first Indian pistol shooter who won a gold medal in an ISSF world cup. She is right handed and is right eye dominant. She also have Arjuna Award to her name. In total she have 4 four World Cup medals, an equal number of medals from the Commonwealth Games, 3 medals spread over three editions from the Asian Games, a Commonwealth Championship gold and a gold and a silver from the Asian championships.

Hena shooting

Personal life
Heena Sidhu received a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2013. Her father was a National sports shooter and even her brother is a shooter in the 10 meter air pistol event. She married to Ronak Pandit who is also a shooter and sometimes he teach her as well. Sidhu live in Goregaon, Mumbai.
Sidhu was also the part of the film London Olympic Games, The Story of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The film, written, produced and directed by Caroline Rowland.

When did it all start
In 2006 began shooting as a team member of Patiala Club. Initially she didn’t think that one day she will compete at the Olympics. It was just a hobby, simply wanted to enjoy the sport. It was only later that her love for the sport slowly transformed into competitive shooting.
When she started shooting, told father that she wanted to be a big gun shooter. He also said okay. Her 1st choice was the rifle. But it looked very techie with all the cumbersome contraptions; the eye piece, the gas cylinders, the heavy jackets, stiff trousers, heavy shoes, stands etc. so she just didn’t like the idea of carrying so much. she felt completely out of my comfort. Her father then said, okay try air pistol for one year. Given her shifting passion, her father was skeptical how long she’ll retain her interest in air pistol

Future goals
However, looking at 2020 Tokyo, and given the fact that the shooting federation, the government and the sports ministry were not too happy with our Rio showing, we hope to do much better in Tokyo. I can see a perceptible change everywhere. Still, no one can predict a medal at the Games but definitely 2020 will be much better. PTI

Her personality
Heena is one of those rare Indian sporting icons who are not scared to speak their mind on sensitive issues. The former World No. 1 had pulled out of the Asian Airgun Shooting Championship held in Iran due to the compulsory hijab rule for all women athletes.”Sport is an exhibition of sheer Human Effort Performance. Our ability to dig deep for Strength, Will Power and Determination.
“This is the reason I compete and I cannot compete for anything lesser than this. But I would also not have my personal opinion politicized,” Heena had said on Twitter.


Years Achievements
2009 Won silver medal at ISSF World Cup in Beijing
1st place in the woman’s 10m air pistol event at the National championship in Kerala 
2010 Won silver medal in the Women’s 10 m air pistol team event in Asian Games in Guangzhou, China
2010 Won a gold medal in 10m air pistol the commonwealth games, she was paired with Singh
Won a silver medal in singles 10m air pistol the commonwealth games 
2012 Team member of Indian team in Summer Olympics in London.
2013 Won the gold medal at the ISSF World Cup finals in Munich, Germany.
2014 Won by 0.1 in Indian National Shooting trials
2016 Qualified for the summer Olympics in Rio, for 10m air pistol and women’s 25m pistol events. 
She finished fourteenth in the women’s 10 meter air pistol and twentieth in the women’s 25 meter pistol qualifying rounds.
2017 Won gold medal in women’s 10m air pistol event at the Commonwealth shooting championships in Brisbane.
2018 CWG, she won a silver medal in the women’s 10m air pistol event, and a gold medal in the women’s 25m air pistol event. She broke the CWG record of 38 in winning the gold medal.

She is a shooter with strong personality who believe in her principles and also have the courage to stand with it.



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