Abhimanyu and Suhani sprints their way for ace spot

October 24, 2018, Dehradun


Annual Race organised in the Olympus High School, Dehradun named Abhimanyu Zinta in boys category and Suhani Sareen in girls category as the top performing sprinters. Galazwari area was chosen as the area for the competition.

Boys sprinters raced their way for 7 km in the competition and winning tag for girls candidates was decided for 3.5 km. Different Houses of the School were the participants of the Race in which Arthwa House’s Suhani Sareen claimed the top spot. Saam House participant Parthvi Sacchan clinched second spot and Shivangi of Rigg House settled for the third position.

In Boys category, Arthwa House again grabbed the top position with great performance of Abhimanyu followed by Yazur House’s spirnters Ankit Kumar and Rohan Singh.

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