Aarya shines in long golf ball drive contest

March 27, 2022, Chandigarh


Reference: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/chandigarh/aarya-shines-in-long-golf-ball-drive-contest-381104

Aarya Sharma won the long golf ball drive competition for boys below 15 years, marking a 281 yards shot at Chandigarh Golf Club. Ajay Kumar (272 yards) claimed the second position.

In the girls’ below 15 years, Bhavya Mann (218 yards) and Rajeeta (218 yards) claimed first and second positions, respectively.

In the boys’ 15 years to 22 years, Gurkirpal Singh (301.33 yards) and Vasu Sehgal (295.9 yards) claimed the top two positions, respectively, while in the girls’ above 15 years age group, Maher Nijjar (207.4 yards) claimed the top position.

In the men’s above 22 years, Uday Brar (321.4 yards) and Dhruv Ghai (313.7 yards) claimed the top two positions, respectively. Mantegveer Singh (292.1 yards) and Dhruv Ghai (290 yards) were the top two winners of the fun competition, which was conducted between top 5 leaders above 22 years. —