A Precautionary Guide to Stay Fit in Nasty Pollution

As the calendar has changed to the early winter’s in India, deadly pollution and ugly smog has marked its comeback in some of India’s largest metropolitan cities like Delhi and all over the NCR region. Undoubtedly, the toxic air has resulted in making daily-to-do activities a challenging task.

People are complaining coughing, throat itching and high rate of viral infections. The conditions have turned alarming for the people with asthma and cardiovascular issues. So what’s now, just waiting for winters to pass-by is not the solution. Do you know air index recorded in Delhi is so much harmful that everyone in Delhi is harming their lungs with impact of 10 cigarettes per day, without even realizing it.

On accordance of health experts, respiratory specialist and environmentalist; we have compiled a precautionary guide, that will surely help you to fight better with the deadly pollution.

  • Avoid Morning Walks

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    We know that we carry a impression to provoke everyone to exercise and stay fit but what’s the point when you are breathing toxic air? As per doctors, morning time records highest rate of pollution, that’s why refraining your jog, walk or other outdoor activities during morning session is the solution. If you are fitness freak, do some exercise in home or just shift the time period to evening slot.

  • Mandatory Utilize face masks when outdoor

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    The air pollution is so severe that wearing ordinary mask will not help much. As the need is at peak, market is full with good quality N-95 or N-99 masks. Just like shoes or wardrobe, make it your habit to use these masks whenever you step out.

  • Install Air Purifying Plants

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    Air Purifying Plants helps in absorbing the harmful effects of pollution emulsion agents. Plants such as Aloe Vera, Spider Plant and Ivy can be installed inside home and offices for the natural way of wiping out the harmful agents of pollution. These plants helps in purifying indoor air and catches-up indoor pollution.

  • Restriction of outdoor kids activities

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    Pollution causes severe impact on the health of children below 8 years of age. It becomes your duty as parents and guardians to request the school authorities to suspend the outdoor activities for the children.

  • Take Steam Daily

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    After hectic day outdoor, in office and schools, it is advised to all age groups to take steam daily. Adding few drops of eucalyptus oil in it helps in relaxation of air passage, 80-90% of harmful substances are removed from body with this exercising.

  • Eat Jaggery (aka gudd) for detoxification

  • Jaggery

    Jaggery (aka gudd) helps in flushing out pollutants from your lungs. You can simply have it raw or replace it with sugar for your daily preparation. Eating jaggery with water should be added in your daily schedule.

  • Include rich Vitamin C, Omega Fatty Acids in your diet

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    Consuming fruits and food with rich Vitamin C, Omega Fatty Acid and Magnesium will be very helpful. Healthy diet and adding above mentioned enriched items will surely help you to beat the ill effects of pollution by keeping your immunity at top notch level.

  • Herbal tea

  • herbal tea

    Tea with ingredients ginger, tulsi and black pepper proves boon in keeping you relaxed. Having herbal tea once or twice during the whole day will be help in minimizing pollution effects.



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