A Guide for Choosing Badminton Racket

Most of you have played badminton at some point of your life. The game of racket and shuttle is categorized amongst popular sports events of the world. The sport is so refreshing and joyful that it attracts people of different age groups. You can simply choose to play the game in your backyard, courts in schools or colleges or playing it with the professional approach.

Racket is the most important badminton equipment and you cannot play the game without acquiring one on accordance of your ability. Here we are sharing details about things you need to keep in your mind before choosing a racket for yourself.

  • Weight of the Racket
  • Badmintons with light weights are advised for the beginners. The ideal weight of the racket should be in between 85g to 90g and should have a lower balance point. Rackets with these qualities are easier to control.

    Players usually choose light weighting rackets for quick stroking speeds and recovery. Using lighter racket also helps you to switch in between different strokes very easily. Lightweight rackets are also easier on shoulders and wrist, reducing the chances of being injured.

  • Central Balancing Point
  • Seasoned players usually opt for the heavier rackets to enhance the balancing point. The point here basically means that the rackets are bulky at the head side. These types of rackets helps you to channel more power to your smashes. However, these rackets are not easy to control due to extra weight.

  • String Tension
  • In order to test the tension of the racket, it is always advised to check it by pressing your palm against the string and how far it sinks. As per experts, 1mm sunken depth of the strings is the ideal tension for most of the players.

    Take a note on the thing that the standard for the tensions varies from region to region due to difference in temperature.

  • Hand Grip
  • There are basically two important factors that affects the grip of the racket, it is named as its type and size.

    a) Type of Badminton grip

    Usually there are two types of badminton grips classified as towel and synthetic.

    The grips with Towel types are usually softer and good for absorbing the sweat. The quality of absorption makes them accumulated with germs and bacteria. Towel grips will require frequent replacement as compared with the synthetic grips.

    b) Size of Badminton Grips

    Grips of Badminton usually comes in four different categories. Bigger grips are usually used by players who prefer tighter feel to generate power. Smaller grips on the other hand helps a person to better manage shots during the course of the match.



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