A family that plays together, stays together

June 7, 2017, Mumbai


It was this very same age-old truism that drove Shree Chandulal Nanavati Vinaymandir’s staff to organise a Staff Sports Day recently. They worked hard throughout the previous academic year and to mark their last working day, they decided to have a Staff Sports Day.

Although teachers and principals often extol the virtues of fitness, outdoor activities, sports and team spirit, they seldom practice what they preach. Hence, on a bright, sunny morning, they put on their team T-shirts and caps, specially designed and created for the event, and set foot onto the world-class astro turf, which was created for students a few months back.

The four teams comprising an equal mix of men and women were all pumped up and charged. They started with a hurdle relay. Amidst loud cheering and some jeering, the teams navigated the handles; some tripped and fell while the others expertly sailed ahead. Scores were then keenly calculated.

The seven-over cricket match played concurrently among four teams was indeed an exhilarating spectacle. Rank, hierarchy and superiority, everything vanished on the field. The principal fielded as the peon bowled his best over and a senior teacher was the batsman. Every ball bowled brought loud cheers from the team members and there was palpable excitement all around.

Unmindful of the sweat and grime, the staff enthusiastically played and victors were announced amidst great fanfare. The winning team was then awarded a trophy. Thereafter, the excitement moved indoors and some more team games like coin toss, match stick, math, etc. were played. Teams enthusiastically cheered their members and the friendly battle continued. The games finally concluded amidst friendly ribbing and banter.

The sporting encounters were a perfect start of the summer vacation for everyone went away with a right frame of mind. Fairness and team spirit are truly some of the best virtues to inculcate in young students and the school authorities wanted to practice what they preached.

School: Shree Chandulal Nanavati Vinay Mandir

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