A comprehensive guide to choose the right sport for you

Are you boosted up with the right belief to include sport in your schedule or getting back to your favorite sport which you disown due to lack of compatibility? If you are keen to exercising and keeping yourself fit without the expenses of gym or personal trainer, including sport in your daily routine is the key to all your fitness related answers.

If you are motivated to get up and have a try, RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to involve small share of your daily routine for sports.

In case you are not that much sports type of person, initiate small share of changes in your lifestyle this winter to foresee bigger differences overall.

Shaping yourself with the right quotient of physique will not only help you to feel much better, it would significantly work miraculously for your health.

Lucy Wyndham, a renowned physical trainer in her talks has emphasized the need to do any type of activity daily that requires body movement. As per her “Fitness is not all about adding gym practice in your schedule”.

Benefit of Exercising Daily

There are endless of benefits you gain by just exercising in any mode of way, it improves health and stamina, side by side you learn new skills and add social benefits by taking oath to exercise daily.

From doctors point of view, physical activities proves boon to your overall development. It pumps up your heart health, maintains adequate blood pressure, maximizes lung capacity, brings down cholesterol and reduces risk of vulnerable diseases.

Taking note of the researches published by the Journal of The Lancet- Physical Inactivity each year adds 9% of premature deaths in whole world. If you wipe out inactivity from the living population, total 533,000 deaths can be avoided.

Sport turn out to be a great social experience, it not only keeps you healthy and offers you to learn valuable skills. Sports boosts your self esteem, helps you to fight against depression by interacting with new people and to utilize energy in a productive way.

Dealing with enormous categories of Sports

World of sports comprises of different branches, there are end number of sports that you can try. Main question here pops-up is which sport would your expectations are being carried out? Each of the sport carry their own bag of benefits, requires skills and are equally enjoyable in one way or the other, but the key to choose the correct one on basis of your ability is really important.

Here are some self analyze based skills that helps you to choose the sport category on accordance with your personality.

In case you carry positively the competitive zeal in yourself and enjoy being part of team, try sports such as:

  • Table-Tennis
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Netball
  • Basketball

All these popular sports are ideal, as they demands you to use fitness component at its best. You will surely need good team playing skills and speed up your stamina, endurance, speed, balance and muscular strength.

If you enjoy taking challenge on your own self and ready to involve high energy workout to turn around game totally based on your 100% performance, then try:

  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Track Cycling
  • Judo
  • Badminton

All of the above mentioned sports requires major component of your fitness and demands your work on your speed, motor skills, stamina and endurance.

If you like to carry forward your interest on a slower pace and you rely on skills and coordination as your X factor, then surely try your hands on

  • Archery
  • Swimming
  • Chess
  • Boccia

All these sports will surely progress your way to core strength, coordination, trying out self developed skills, balance and flexibility.

Or, if none of the above conventional sports column doesn’t fits your interest, try out unconventional sports such as Yoga, Dancing or Tai Chi.

How to involve yourself with sport

All the sports with different magnitude of teams, work as great equalizer- your background, your ability or even your age doesn’t matter to get involved.

Whether you have just started your way towards sport as beginner, experienced sportsperson or just adding it to your routine. Finalize certain days of the week where none of the other activity keeps you away from trying your hand on certain sport. Remember at last its totally based on your determination where you want to see yourself one year from today.



Aman is a sports enthusiast with great admiration for travel and sports. Apart writing crisp as well as engaging contents, he loves playing cricket and exploring novels in sci-fi and thriller categories.