8 Impressive Female Athletes Changing Overall Integrity of Game They Play

Success is not served in a lavish plate for female athletes in India. They everyday foresee discrimination as men playing the same sport are more celebrated and paid more than the desired credits. People never pressurize men to marry because they have now a profound career in sports but the tables are changed when athletes or sportsperson are from the other gender.

We all are more excited to hear about their stories but not of their success alone, the story for the other gender are scripted in relationships and other sort of parameters being settled by the society. As we all know change is the law of nature, things are changing, female athletes deserves huge credits for their unorthodox career choice. Here we are celebrating the existence of ‘OTHER GENDER’ who proved truly game changer in the sports we will ever know:

  • Sania Mirza (Tennis)

sania 1

Turning towards professional grade of tennis at age 16, Sania is known as India’s only tennis figure to behold the number one rank in doubles format of the game for 91 straight weeks, it will not be wrong in admitting that Hyderabadi girl Sania Mirza changed the scene of Indian tennis. Sania is also credited as the only female tennis player from India to win six crucial titles (sharing equal titles tally 3 each in singles and mixed doubles category).

  • Mary Kom (Boxing)

MC Mary Kom

Mary Kom took a brave step few years back when female boxers were still considered a taboo choice for Indian population. Mary punched hard the stereotype and the rest is history for all of us. It was never an easy journey for ‘Magnificent Mary’ for being an aspiring professional boxer in India. She has been regarded as five times World Amateur Boxing Champion, and is the only female boxer to win medal in six of world championships. Mary Kom is Padma Bhusan milestone achiever and also known as first woman boxer to clinch gold medal in Asian Games 2014.

  • Mithali Raj (Cricket)

Mitali Raj

Mithali on accounts of her records is regarded as India’s most successful skipper and she has achieved such great heights in her life with half of the cricketing career and chances given to her male counterparts. Mithali is regarded as highest run scorer in female format of cricket, she has reached the milestone of 6,000 runs in ODI format. Mithali is also the only Indian cricket captain in both male and female format to lead India twice in two World Cup finale.

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  • Saina Nehwal (Badminton)

Saina Nehwal’s challenge is more mental now

Saina is known best to offer breather and recognition to a sport that has been diminished as gully gave over the past years. She is regarded as India’s first ever shuttler to bring Olympic medal for India in the game of Badminton. All thanks to her, that the aspiring Badminton players of India either want themselves to rise as Saina or as P.V Sindhu. She has been awarded with Arjuna Award, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri award for her achievements and success.

  • Geeta Phogat (Wrestling)


You know that you have achieved something remarkable when your success story is turned into a blockbuster movie and many aspiring sports figures are taking inspiration from your hardwork. Freestyle wrestler Dangal Girl Geeta Phogat became a well-known household name after she clinched India’s only medal in Commonwealth Games (2010). She is also regarded as only female wrestler to qualify ever for the Summer Olympic (2012) where she grabbed the bronze medal.

  • Deepika Kumari (Archery)

Archery World Cup

The unsung athlete with mammoth achievements in her field of sport is Deepika Kumari. She is regarded as former no.01 world rank holder and currently placed as the 5th best aim achieving archer in the world. She has rested expectations of 135 crore Indians on her shoulder to attain immense glory in the sports category.

  • Tania Sachdev (Chess)


Many people know about the achievements of legendary Vishwanathan Anand in the sharp mind skill based game but they don’t know about mindful diva Tania Sachdeva who has many titles to her name. Tania has many titles to her name in the game of chess. Her name is paired as International Master and Woman Grandmaster. She started playing with the pawns at the age of 6 and presently works as commentator, chess presenter, apart from playing.

  • Hima Das (Sprinting)

Hima Das

Hima Das has offered new heights to the lightning speed sport that needs utter stamina and hard work. Daughter of village farmer, Hima came to limelight after becoming first ever Indian sprinter to win gold medal in International Athletics Competition. Hima Das’s extraordinary journey from rice field to be the ‘Person of Year’ in Vogue magazine.



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