7 city boxers for All India Inter-District C’ship

March 12, 2020, Rohtak, Chandigarh

BoxingAll India Inter-District Sub-Junior Boxing Championship

Reference: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/7-city-boxers-for-all-india-inter-district-cship-54272

Seven boxers from The British School Boxing Academy here have been selected to represent the city in the All India Inter-District Sub-Junior Boxing Championship, scheduled to be held at the National Boxing Academy in Rohtak.

Aryan (37-40kg), Bhavesh (40-43kg), Sumit Dhull (43-46kg), Sonu Chahal (49-52kg), Sumit Attri (52-55kg ) will compete in the boys’ category, while Kiran (33-35kg) and Sanya (43-46kg) will represent the girls’ team.

Boxers from all the districts of India will compete in the first of its kind inter-district combined tournament, which is being organised by the Sports Ministry as a part of its “early talent scouting” programme in partnership.

The tournament was earlier scheduled to be held from March 15, but has now been postponed till next month.

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