50 Yoga enthusiasts will spark fitness awareness amongst Faridabad’s native

September 24, 2018, Gurgaon


Secondary Education Department of Gurgaon region is launching two days based Yoga Competition in the district. In the circular issued to all the colleges of the region, Education department has mentioned that participation of 06 boys and 06 girls from each of the college is mandatory for every college.

Over 50 students have registered their willingness to join the campaign as well as Yoga Competition scheduled in the district. Final line-up of all the players will be decided on basis of trials to commence in advance of the competition.

The Yoga Competition will kick-off from 27th September and will be played in Jatoli of Halimandi. Coach of DAV College has mentioned that some of the participating players in the competition have showcased their talent in national and international Yoga event in the past.

Education Department of Faridabad region will award Rs 25,000/- prize money to the first spot winner followed by Rs 15,000/- for second spot gainer and Rs 10,000 will be awarded to third placed team.