5 Power Foods that charges-up your Stamina Meter

We all aspire for being energetic and easy-going all of our life. Surely, each one of us has our own set of favorite sportsmen or athletes and deep in our heart we marvel to catch-up their energy level. What we get in actual life, just by climbing 2 floors of building each ounce of our energy droughts up, climbing lets say twenty ladders continuously will surely be the treat of smoothie for us.

Whenever someone highlight the word stamina most of us in our won dimensions thinks about physical strength. Jogging or sanctioning gym sessions alone cannot help us alone. Stamina works as two-way investment that needs exercising incorporating with right assortment of power foods sources. Our body is not mechanical but natural machine and if we want speed, power, strength than we need to fuel our stamina meter (engine) with power foods. In this article we will discuss about foods that are complete source of delighted powerhouse.

    Brown Rice

  • Brown Rice
  • Ask Nutritionist they will always suggest that carbohydrate is great source of energy, but each of the food item having rich source of carbohydrate works same for stamina? Lets simply answer the question in fragmented sentences- not all of the carbs works in same way for your body. For better fueling stamina you only need to look for intake options with complex carbs. The slow rate of released flowing energy in blood ensures optimal energy level in the body for entire day. Brown rice perfectly matches the answer of all our questions. These rice in addition of complex carbs carry rich source of vitamin B and has less starch in it for easy digestion.


  • Eggs
  • Our body experiences lots of changes like growth and repair of muscles and body tissues, protein plays the role of ailment that our body needs to cope up with the exaggerated effort we are pulling up. Eggs are our gems with richest source of protein on the planet and with great biological value. Eggs shell covers up nine essential amino acids. Having an egg each day keeps the fatigue quotient away.

    Green Leafy Vegetables

  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • If anyone lacks stamina in their body that not only means he/she is lacking effort but also highlights deficiency of iron. Deprivation of adequate supply of iron in body results malfunctioning in production of hemoglobin. The body in result scuffles to carry out even daily functions, as accurate consistency of oxygen is not flowing. For all these problems Green Leafy vegetables act as your savior. Offering bundle of iron and fibre, green leafy vegetables augments your Red Blood Cell Counts. Veggies like spinach releases short-term energy and boosts stamina.

    Citrus Fruits

  • Citrus Fruits
  • The best way to knock-out sources of cold and cough as well as infections from your body is to beat the odds away from your body and boost your immunity with rich sources of Vitamin C. Studies have always shown us that citrus fruits- Vitamin C sourced fruits magically helps you to improve energy levels. These cheerful and yummy source of energy also helps in cleansing body toxins and improving your immunity.


  • Banana
  • The twelve seasons available fruit Banana helps you to take down fatigue with great ease. Bananas are suggested and recommended as magnificent pre-workout snacks. A lavish source of potassium, fibre and complex carbs, bananas are appreciated for their energy-boosting powers. In addition, this fruit also helps increase in the release of dopamine, better called as feel-good hormone in the body.

Stamina and fitness act as the circle of better life. Provide all the crucial nutrients to your body, work-out with great determination, and you will self-realize that weariness is a thing of the past. At end we can only say that once the fuel is precisely taken care of, you don’t need to bother about the joyful ride.



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