5 Crucial Life Aspects Sports Teaches Us

Life is a journey like Snake & Ladder Game and no one has always got the exact smooth points to reach the 100th point without encountering any of the snakes as well as any of the ladder of success. One great thing that proves life is most joyful journey is its end number of clues hidden everywhere in each and every steps. Being in a goldmine, you just have to know where is the need to look.

Life Lessons is more or less self realization that a person can observe in miniature task like pouring a water or watching your favorite sport. Lessons are not guide to live a smooth oriented life but they act as to steer ship that maintain equal measure of bad and good times.

Here are few of the basic life lessons that a person can learn merely by watching a game or involving his whole determination to the one.

    Move On Move up

  • It is not possible to win always, so built the caliber to Move On
  • Demonstrating life, you not always emerge as the solo winner or the top grade achiever in sport. Athletes are very aware of this fact and they themselves are always ready for the move on quality. The quality doesn’t promise that anything will not hurt you, it only means not to expect everything to go as planned.

    Take an example, Soccer World Cup 2010 is the best serving example of the above mentioned quality. Match between Portugal and North Korea proved out to be the first-ever live Football match that was broadcasts on North Korean regiment Television sets. Unfortunately the local team surfaced the final whistle of match with 7-0 mammoth lost against Portugal team. It was surprising and delightful to watch how North Korean player for the sake of their country doesn’t lose their will and tried to showcase their best in even 80th minute of match.

    In 2014, exact same team walked out to a football league and scored some magnificent points. Do just one intensified lost hampers the North Korean team to give up international competitions at whole? Same way life doesn’t always come with surety of winning, your thoughts are the masterkey to open the gate for moving on and returning the same sport with more force.
    hard-work free

  • Sooner or Later Hard Work Always Yields Result
  • Athletes always knows the formula that equal proportion of enthusiasm, time and energy delivers you success. They’ve encountered enough games in their life to tryout the formula and see the results. Sachin Tendulkar’s debut at age 16 in Indian National team was not an overnight miracle or didn’t happen by accident, it was simply epitome of hard work shown by young Mumbaikar boy to walk towards his dream.

    Playing world’s greatest speedsters Brett Lee and Shoaib Akhtar just got Tendulkar’s game to magnify. The fact that hard work pays is one of the oldest saying and it will be same for everyone. To achieve something exceptional, you always need to excel ahead of your comfort zone.

  • If You Don’t Take Chance, You Will Never Win…… Or Even Fail
  • It always make us nervous as spectators when a basketball player attempts risky three-pointer shot in the final minutes of intense match just to sake maximum points or perhaps when footballer tries shot from few meters away from goalpost.

    Sports initiate the will to try, sometimes you will win or even sometimes you will loose. Trying your best is what serves as the solo motto. We all have just one life to live and none of us want to regret on our death beds thinking about ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’.

  • Importance of Listening Skills
  • Ever noticed the animated people beneath the sideline of a football match? They are not mere spectators but the Coaches of teams whose brain helps in developing strategy that decides success or failure outcome of certain matches. Teams with great players not always deliver best outcomes but with great mind analyzing the situation of game developing strategies accordingly helps certain team to overpower the other.

    Same way, in life, talent alone with natural endowment and zeal is not enough, you always need a mentor on your side that you must always be able listen.

  • Success Rate Magnifies When There’s Someone to Cheer You
  • In simple terms we can say that a game with absence of spectators or fans acts like a training session, where no one really bothers about the outcome. Crowd cheering and jolting with every shot or goal scored act as breather for the players. Remember great and truthful fans cheer their team even their favored team is not on the favored side.

    Fans never want their sports hero’s medals or trophy. They just feel satisfied that the team or athlete they supported with free-will have achieved greatness. Each of us needs same quotient of support from friends in our life. People that will not measure your act as fruitful or not just be your cheerleaders in all situations of life.

The thorough reading of the above points give us insight that Sports has great benefits to the mind and body for sure. Same way it teaches us about life itself.



Aman is a sports enthusiast with great admiration for travel and sports. Apart writing crisp as well as engaging contents, he loves playing cricket and exploring novels in sci-fi and thriller categories.