3000 students invited for the first official NBA match in Mumbai

September 13, 2019, Mumbai


The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Reliance Foundation have invited 3000 students and students from 70 schools to watch India’s first NBA match to be held here next month. The first two preseason matches of the season between NBA team Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers will be played in front of the students of these 70 schools on October four and five next month under the Reliance Foundation Junior Program.

Under the Education and Sports Campaign for All of Reliance Foundation, NBA will invite 3000 boys and girls from 70 Reliance Foundation Jr NBA schools in Mumbai. American League teams are playing NBA matches in India for the first time. The education and sports campaign for all of Reliance Foundation was started in 2013. After this, it has reached 1 million children of more than 10,000 schools in about 34 cities across the country.

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