17th Open Chess Tournament: Ram and Bawa checkmates the rivals

August 12, 2019, Chandigarh


Prakash Ram won the two-day 17th Open Chess Tournament, which concluded at Chandigarh Club in Chandigarh. Ram scored six points after seven rounds to claim the title.

Deshpande Pruthu claimed the second position and Jashanpreet Singh finished third with identical scores of six points each. Amit Sharma also scored six points to claim the fourth position, followed by Motiram (5.5 points) at fifth position and Shaurya Kumaria (5 points).

A total of 101 players from different regions vied for the top positions in different categories.

In the U-13 category, Uday Bawa claimed the top spot by scoring 5.5 points. Pratyaksh Goel scored five points to claim the second position and Swastik Singhal finished third with a score of 4.5 points. Aryan Arora won the U-17 category title by scoring 5.5 points. Rohan Gupta (5 points) and Yash Garg (5 points) claimed the second and third positions, respectively.

Ekaaksha Negi (3.5 points), Naren Gupta (3 points) and Aaditya Bhargav (3 points) were the top three finishers in the U-9 category. Aditya Singla was named the best unrated player as he scored 4.5 points. Vikram Jindal also scored 4.5 points to claim the second position. MP Verma scored 5 points to win the best veteran title.

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