11 senior Gurugram’s swimmer will showcase talent in National Championship

August 6, 2018, Delhi, Gurgaon


11 senior category swimming champions from the Gurugram region has attained final line-up to showcase their talent in the Masters National Open Swimming Championship to be played in between 24 and 27 October.

On Sunday, all the 11 swimmer from Gurugram finds spot in Haryana team after great show in the trial games. With 5 men and 6 women from the district, total 11 players from the region finds spot in the swimming tournament.

The trial were organized in the Baba Gangnath Swimming Club located near the Old Delhi road. Rajeev Tokas in 30-35 age category, Rajesh Dahiya and Sachin Kakkar in 35-40 age category, Jagmohan Pawar in 50-55 category and Satpal Rana in 60-65 age category wins representation in the final line-up.

In women category, Anaya in 25-30 Monika in 35-40, Anupama in 50-55 category, Neeru Jain in 55-60 category and Astha Jindal in 65-70 age group line up attains spot in the national championship.

Haryana Swimming Association Secretary Anil Khattri in his talk told us that the event will be played for the category 25-90 age group male and female participants. Different types of swimming tournament such as 50 and 100 meter free style, 50 and 100 meter back stroke and 200 m IM games will be part of the national level championship.

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