10-yr-old student surpasses 23 time Olympic Champion’s record

August 2, 2018

SwimmingClark Kent

As per the recent news trending in the sports world, a 10 year old swimmer named Clark Kent has broken the record of 100 meter record butterfly record set by 23 times Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

Clark has attained fame at the same age at which Phelps has achieved the remark back in 1995. The young boy clocked a time of 1:09:38 seconds just one second faster than Michael Philips to be the new record holder in the 100 meter butterfly style swimming competitions.

The enthusiastic boy in his talk after finishing with such a fabulous record mentioned that he himself is huge fan of Michael Philips. As per his interview, he further added that till now the world had known him with name Clark, now they will surely classify him as a superhero like ‘Superman’.