10 Exciting Outdoor Games: Here is How You Must Play

children playing outdoor games

Its 21st century; the era of technology where hi-tech kids are growing up using smart devices like tablets, smartphones, PS3 and other electronic stuffs. No doubt, they are learning faster than those of 90’s kids, but how about their physical development.

Keeping off from such physical activities can lead to unusual health effects like obesity and other diseases. Not only this, but getting involved in outdoor games also lead to personality development.

Well! Before we start talking further, let us proceed asking a few questions. How many outdoor games did you play? Kabaddi, hide-and-seek, run and statue, right? So, let us tell you, there are many more interesting outdoor games that you might have never heard of. These won’t only help you, but also help in winning health benefits. So, before we talk about the exciting games and how to play them, let us talk about what you will going to gain.

Outdoor Games – Play More. Gain More.

  • Playing outdoor games helps building immune system. This will enable you to fight bacteria and germs better when exposed to outside environment.
  • Sun will help you acquiring good amount of vitamin D.
  • Stepping out in the fresh air will improve blood circulation that will ultimately enable in improving digestion and keeping the child fit.
  • Playing outdoor games helps in getting more adept. The reason being, when you play in a team, it helps in learning coordination and team play.

Now, this was enough for you to know about the benefits of playing. So, let us now explore a few exciting outdoor games that you must play.

  1. Marble Pond Game

indoor and outdoor game

You can play this either indoor or outdoor. Well, if you will play it in corridor or garden, it will be more fun and less mess.

How to play?

  • Fill a huge tub or bucket with several marbles in it. You can use a toy swimming pool as well.
  • Player picking the maximum marbles in a minute will win the game.]


2. Tag, you are it

Heard of scapegoat? In hindi, its called Bali Ka Bakra. So, ‘Tag, you are it’ is a child-friendly and funny version of it.

How to play?

  • You should have at least three players to play. Either perform a toss or take mutual decision to declare the scapegoat and start the game.
  • The scapegoat will start counting and all other players need to be visible while the scapegoat is counting.
  • Once the counting is done, the raider needs to run and catch the person to tag. Tagging will be done by patting at the back. Ensure that no other body part is tapped for tagging. This is how you can make the game a bit challenging.
  • This is how the chain will continue by tagging the other players.
  • The game stops when all the players are tagged at least once and the loser will be the one who has been tagged the most number of times.
  • You can amend the rules and make the game more fun and easy or challenging.


3. Hide-and-Seek

Come On! You have played this game. In fact, everybody did. And, if you are getting bored, call your friends and hide to have oodles of fun doing that.


4. Kabaddi

children playing kabaddi

You are not hearing “Kabaddi” for the first time for sure. Now-a-days, Kabaddi league is getting popular too. You can play it for fun and choose it as your career to, if you find it interesting.

How to play?

  • In a very simple terms, it is a contact sport played between two teams having equal number of players.
  • Each team sends a raider into the other team’s area.
  • The raider has to keep repeating the word “kabaddi, kabaddi,….” without taking taking a breath when he/she is in opponent’s field area.
  • If the raider returns back touching player(s) of the opponent’s team successfully, his/her team wins a point and opponent team loses the touched player.
  • The raider can be stopped by the other team physically. And, if the raider breath before returning back to his/her field area, he/she is out!

Take a deep breath and begin.


5. Cat and mouse chase

Nothing could beat this one, if you are looking for an easy and interesting game. This is also popularly known as catch-me-if-you-can that is older than any other, If you have a nice group of at least two, you can play it.

How to play?

One kid needs to catch other other(s) and whoever gets caught first has to run and catch others and this is how the chain continues. Trust us, this is a never-ending game until your mom calls.


6. Run…statue!

Hold your position or you are out!

Yes! This is what it exactly is. Believe it, this game is a real fun.

How to play?

  • Either toss or take a mutual decision to choose the player who will start the game.
  • The player to start the game will say ‘statue’ when everyone is running.
  • Once the ‘statue’ is shouted, all the running players have to stop immediately. And, if any one moves, he/she is out!
  • The player who will remain in the still position for the maximum time will be the winner.


7. Tug of War

children playing tug of war

Tug of war is not just a fun game, but also a sport played in Olympics. This game is a great way of building the physical strength and dexterity.

How to play?

  • Divide the players into two to make the teams.
  • Each team will hold the long rope and tries to pull towards themselves.
  • All team players has to make equal efforts from each side to maintain the team efforts and spirit.


8. Tap the Shoe!

Most of you must be hearing this game for the first time. The reason being, it is a very old game and it lost its appeal.

How to play?

  • Make a broader circle and try tapping the shoes of the person standing besides you.
  • You cannot touch the player or any other body part while tapping.
  • Once the player got tapped by other, he/she has to leave the circle and eventually the winner will be the one whose shoes doesn’t get tapped by anyone.


9. Group into a number

Let us play the game and cherish the memories when your teacher taught you counting. Excited?

How to play?

  • All the players form a circle with a number assigned.
  • A leader is chosen not knowing the number of the players.
  • The leader will call out all number one by one and the player having the number called out by the leader will be out.
  • The player that will remain till the end will win the game.


10. Rope Skipping

benefits of rope skipping

We all have played it for once, but playing it in a group will give you immense joy. If you are looking for active games that can help you in good physical and mental growth, believe us rope skipping can help you a lot.

How to play?

  • Choose a sturdy ground for skipping the rope. Never choose a ground that has sandy floor or slippery areas.
  • Make group of two or three while two players can hold the end of the ropes and move it in circulation motion.
  • You can skip the rope alone as well, if you do not have any company.


The Fun Does Not Ends Here

Now, when you have a handy list of outdoors, what are you waiting for? We have listed all the games that matches different age groups. So, start making friends, plan your schedule and play a healthy game. If you find the game interesting and you want to groom your career in the same, go ahead and talk to your parents. Who knows, if you could be next Sania Mirza, Sachin Tendulkar or Vishwanathan Anand.



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