10 Admiring Facts about India’s Pride, World Kickboxing Champion Tajamul Islam

Tajamul was just Eight-year of age when the young girl from Kashmir gained immense popularity for winning the ace title in World Kickboxing Championship in Italy. She emerged as the first ever Sub Junior category Indian player to clinch a gold medal at International level kickboxing championship.

Tajamul Islam
The young inspiring girl from the most distracted land of India not only triumphed over the whole nation but showed her determination to fight many odds on the way to become kickboxing champion.

We have compiled 10 admiring facts list about Champion Tajamul Islam- The India’s Pride

  • Tajamul Islam hails from the remote village of Kashmir known as Tarkpora in the Bandipora district.
  • Army Goodwill School in the home district Tarkpora was the first civic agency to identify natural aptitude of Tajamul in kickboxing. Although there was no proper infrastructure or any sports complex in the district in which she can acquire professional skills in the game. Coach Faisal Dar used to train Tajamul in chilling open field with options of makeshift appartus.
  • Tajamul’s family is not self-sustained enough to carry forward daughter’s passion in form of sports. Her father works as a driver under contract with a private construction agency and earns a merge of 15k per month to support Tajamul, her mother and four other siblings.
  • Despite odds like no proper infrastructure or any sports complex, Tajamul used to practice for 25 hours a week in order to gain proper familiarity with professional skills and sport.
  • First major win for the Jammu girl credits her hard work in form of sub junior category kickboxing event organized in Jammu in year 2015. Tajamul clinched gold medal in her debut tournament.
  • Seeing great caliber for the kid, she was promoted for National level event in the same category. The girl from remote village created buzz by winning gold again in the National Kickboxing Championship held in Delhi in 2015.
  • In September 2016, concerned sports authority marked the girl as valuable asset for the national side and India’s hope to win first-ever World Kickboxing Title aroused from Delhi.
  • The girl moved to Delhi at such tender age to attain training under proper infrastructure and more qualified trainers with aim of winning World kickboxing title for India in the Sub-Junior category. Tajamul’s family from there own source funded her training session in Delhi and barely collected 1 lakh for girl’s future.
  • In the dream tournament for India, Tajamul won six bouts in the duration of five days drill to lift the trophy for India in the Sub-Junior category.
  • As per present situation, taking inspiration from Tajamul, many girls in Jammu started their training for the stamina-filled game. Even Tajamul’s sister has started training for Kick-Boxing taking inspiration from elder sister.



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