FAQs: Event Registrations

FAQs: Event Registrations

What are ONLINE Events/Contests

Online events are events for which you do not need to come physically for an event, you can participate at your place. Read the Rules carefully and follow the step.

How do I REGISTER in an Event

You can go to the explore section in the app and browse “Register On YoGems” section, Click on view all and it will show you all the events open for registrations.
In case of

How do I REGISTER in an Online Event/Contest

You should check “Online Events/Contests” section and find all the online events, Not all Online Events require registration, You will find Register button for events requiring registration.
Once you are registered, you will find button to submit your work.

How do I SUBMIT my work in an Online Events/Contest

You will find button “Submit” button in the events open to submit your work. Click on Submit and you can upload your work.

Where can I find the RESULTS of Events

Under Explore section, you can find the results of all the events, You can find all the Winners under the event.

How do I download my E-CERTIFICATE

e-Certificates are available in your profile area, Go to Profile>>Achievements and you find “Download Certificate” under the event you participated.

App is not showing all events to me

YoGems App display personalised events to you which are relevant to you by your interests & location, if you want to see all events, you can switch off “Filter by my Interests” and click on “Show irrespective of distance“.  You can play around with filters.

Can I search the event

Yes, you can search an event by event name

Can I make a payment in the app

Yes, you can click register, give you details and can pay using a credit card, net banking, wallets, UPI and many other ways.

Event is not showing Register option

We bring all the sporting events to you, few are open for registration on YoGems, if you do not see register option, feel free to contact organiser and discuss registration mode.

Where can I find Schedule, Results etc in App

You can click on event title and you will find all the information. If it is YoGems event, you can find schedule, draws and live scores too. Post events results, photos get updated. Stay tuned for information updates.

Can I register my partner and team?

You can register for the event, in case of a doubles event you can add your partner. For team games like cricket, football etc, you can manage your team.

Can I share the event

You can share the event with your friends using Whatsapp, FB and other place.