Who invented Tabla?

Who invented Tabla?


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Meenakshi Tripathi March 17, 2016

Tabla, the percussion instrument that has given India global recognition for its uniqueness has its origin date back to 18th century. 
Tabla called Indian Drums consists of a pair, with the small one known as dayan and the larger metal one on the left known as bayan.  
Even though there is still dispute about the origin and invention of tabla, evidence point towards Amir Khusrau Dehlavi, a Turkish Sufi poet and drummer to be the inventor of tabla.  
An interesting tale that goes with it is that Amir Khusrau broke Pakhawaj into two parts to suit his playing and thus emerged the tabla we know of. Though this concept has not been supported in any written evidences of Abul Fazl yet this is the story that is being heard and recognized from years.  
Since there has been no other theory related to the invention of tabla, we choose to go by the theory that Amir Khusrau was the inventor of tabla.


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