Who invented Harmonium?

Who invented Harmonium?

Navdeep Kumar asked July 8, 2016

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Nikita Rawat July 8, 2016

Harmonium word has been derived from a Greek word Harmony which is the basis of western music and implies sounds being produced from several notes simultaneously. It is a reed blown instrument with a body shaped like a piano or box.  
Beliefs are that an instrument like harmonium was first developed by Gabriel Joseph Grenie in 1810.He named it Orgue Expressif and then it was in 1840 in Paris that a Frenchman named Alexandre Francois Debain modified it and named it Harmonium.   
He devised a bellows that worked by exerting pressure on the keys by either feet or hand.   
Two other men who have a significant role in the history of Harmonium are Victor Mustel in Paris and Jacob Estey in the US who modified and made improvements in harmonium after 1850.       


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