Which variant of Guitar is best for beginners?

Which variant of Guitar is best for beginners?

Shashi Negi asked April 18, 2016

1 answer

Seema Rawat April 18, 2016

Learning how to play Guitar is like a craft and one of the best instruments to learn. After having decided to learn Guitar the crux is the selection of guitar that is best suited for beginners as Guitar is not easy to play and need a lot of strength on the finger front.  
Best variant of Guitar to be taken up by beginners is Acoustic Guitar.  
Acoustic guitars are best suited to beginners because they are very easy to play, the sound that they produce is excellent, they have a great tone and the best part is that they are less expensive monetary wise or rather they are cheap in comparison to other guitars. 
There are some very cheap acoustic guitars available in the market that should not be taken up for learning as they might be made of very low quality of wood and the strings may also not be fine, causing fingers to be excessively strained while playing it. 


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