Which pencil should I use for Sketching?

Which pencil should I use for Sketching?

Deepak Vashishitha asked September 17, 2016

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Nikita Rawat September 17, 2016

The main tool to start drawing with, is a writing implement. The best medium to draw is a writing pencil. They could vary from mechanical pencils with big or thick leads to regular wooden pencils 2B to 4B or thick graphite or charcoal stick.  
As pencils are the ideal tool for drawing, below are the variety of pencils mentioned to be picked up as per purpose.  
Graphite Grades decide whether the pencil is soft as denoted by ‘B’ or hard as depicted by ‘H’. They wary from numbers 2 to 9 and are used for : 
2H- a hard lead pencil good for drawing details, light and preliminary drawing which is not permanent.  
6B- soft pencil which makes darker but softer strokes, good for expressive drawing 
#2 or HB- Most used pencils for drawing, lies between being soft and hard and should be kept with you always.  
#2 Jumbo- wide, long sized pencils used for thick lines and expressive drawings.  
2B- great for drawing outlines 
Clutch/lead Pencils: with 2mm graphite refill leads, can be used to bring out flat as well as sharp lines.  
Wooden Pencils: The general pencils that range from 9B to 9H and are marked by F are the common pencils for artists to start with.  
Mechanical Pencils: used by many artists to produce stunning work . Found in varied thickness are a bit tricky to find and operate.  
Besides pencils you can also use charcoal to draw with. It is available in stick or pencil form. It is used in the same manner as a pencil and is more expressive than it. For portraying sweeping gestures and motions and for creating shading, charcoal is ideal and is best applicable on canvas.  


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