Which compost should I use for my plants?

Which compost should I use for my plants?

Payal Agarwal asked March 10, 2016

1 answer

Ashish Kumar March 10, 2016

Decayed material which is used as a plant fertilizer is termed as compost. It enriches the soil and provides nourishment to the plant. 
When the compost turns dark, brown and crumbly and the odor turns earthy rather than being rotten 
The original materials that had been put in the compost should have lost their individual characteristics and blend as a whole mixture 
The temperature of the compost should be same as the outside air i.e. it should not reheat 
Therefore it is advisable to use the compost only after it is totally decomposed because unfinished compost can be unhealthy for the plants turning them yellow and stagnating their growth.   


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