Which are the common mistakes that are made by a new gardener?

Which are the common mistakes that are made by a new gardener?

Bhanu Prakesh asked April 20, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput April 20, 2016

Gardening is one of the best pastimes or hobbies. When a new gardener starts out there are some very common mistakes that are made invariably by the gardener. Some of them are- 
Overwatering: Most new gardeners are under the misconception that watering daily and more is essential for plants to grow though requirement is exact opposite.  
Fertilizing: A new gardener always thinks that more fertilizer tends to reap good growth which is not true. Each plant has its own distinctive need of fertilizers. 
Growing foreign plant: Not knowing which plant species is native to your land is another common mistake that a new gardener intends to make. Plants grow according to where they are adapted to. 
Poor preparation of new beds: New gardener usually thinks that piling dirt on top of the soil will kill weeds and help plants flourish as it makes the soil rich but it is not true.  
Weeding: How and when to remove weeding before it reaches the seed is another area which a new gardener misses to foresee. 
Overcrowding: In an attempt to plant more trees gardener is careless and forgets that each plant needs proper sunlight and area to grow. 
Killing pests: The theory that all pests should be dead does not always hold true. Some pests might be healthy for plants.  
The new gardener should have knowledge before he goes in for gardening else these common mistakes would be unavoidable.  


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