When is the best time to observe zodiacal light?

When is the best time to observe zodiacal light?

Vivek Jadiya asked November 7, 2016

1 answer

Ashish Kumar November 7, 2016

Zodiacal light is caused by sunlight reflecting off of dust in the ecliptic plane of our Solar System. Under perfect conditions, zodiacal light can be obvious the whole night as a black out band of light after the zodiac over the sky. It lights up in the morning before dawn, when the brighter band districts that are nearer to the Sun transcend the skyline. In any case, when the Sun gets nearer to the skyline, the sky starts to light up, making it more hard to see the black out zodiacal light behind the lighting up sky. The best time to see this light will be the point at which the Sun is somewhere around 18 and 12 degrees beneath the skyline, depending the nearby climatic conditions.


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