When does an infant start responding to sounds and voices?

When does an infant start responding to sounds and voices?

Ashutosh Singh asked July 14, 2016

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Nikita Rawat July 14, 2016

It is wondrous when the baby starts reacting to sounds and uttering them itself. Parents wait and cherish that first of everything that their baby does.  
As related to when the baby starts responding to sounds and voices, the baby can hear even in the womb. 
A newborn usually gets startled or reacts to a high pitched voice, lullaby sung by the mother or an unexpected loud voice but this reaction is not very comprehensible. 
When the baby is 3 months old, it starts to understand to the voice of its mother and gurgles, looks directly and tries to talk back as if it is understanding everything.
It is in four months that your baby will become excited on listening to voices and starts to babble sounds or words like ‘m’ or ‘b’.  
It is when your baby is six or seven months that it recognizes where the sound comes from and reacts to them. It even understands a new voice and it starts to communicate with you in its own indefinable language which is usually known as babbling.   
Generally speaking the baby utters its first words between the age of 11 months to 14 months.  


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