When did Drum originated ?

When did Drum originated ?

Shyam Sunder Sarkar asked January 6, 2017

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Abhilash Rajput January 6, 2017

It’s true that the concept of drums is as old as mankind and these instruments produce sound when the stretched membrane on its body is struck. They have a hollowed inside, which creates music through vibration. Here is a brief history of drums.

  • Drums originated centuries ago. It is believed that the first drums were created during the early man period and before civilization became formalized.


  • The oldest drums date back to 4000 B.C. and originated in Egypt. Archaeological excavations and studies indicate that the drums were first made using alligator skins and were found in Neolithic cultures of China. These drums were used for ritual ceremonies.


  • The initial design included the cymbals. These were the drums that were originally used in China and Turkey and were made from metal.


  • The first recorded use of drums l is from 500 century B.C. In fact, according to Sri Lankan history and archaeological evidence, drums were used for communicating between tribes. The pattern and the sound would indicate a unique kind of message.


  • While it is not known as to who invented drums in particular, it is a popular notion that the Indian version of the drum known as Tabla was first developed in Cairo, Egypt.


  • Drawings at Bhaje Caves in Maharashtra reveal that the Tabla had been used in the country before 200 B.C. It was used in courts and for classical Indian dances.


  • Since 100 B.C. India has been using the Dholak and Dholki as well. These instruments bear a striking resemblance to the modern day bass drums. But unlike bass drums which are usually sounded for wars, for military parades and other purposes, Dholak and Dholki are used for celebration.


  • Different versions of drums have been designed over the centuries. In fact, drum is the only musical instrument that has over a 100 recorded styles. This includes electronic drum as well, which is majorly used by Western bands. These drums have sound modules and electronic synthesizers that allow more diversity in terms of sound creation.

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