When and where was violen first practiced?

When and where was violen first practiced?

Prayank Jain asked April 19, 2016

1 answer

Sumit Paliwal April 19, 2016

Violin, the smallest and the most high pitched stringed musical instrument is played by drawing a bow across its strings. Frequently a part of western classical music other than jazz, rock and roll or folk it is said to have been first practiced in Northern Italy in the 16th Century.  
The earlier stringed instruments were generally played by plucking and it was from Central Asia that bowed instruments originated.  
It is also said that the violin, viola or cellos that we play with horse hair are a Nomadic legacy.  
As soon as violin came into prevalence they became famous among both street musicians and the Nobility. Charles  IX is said to have ordered 24 pieces of violin from its inventor Andrea Amati.


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