What to do if the clay is too soft?

What to do if the clay is too soft?


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Meenakshi Tripathi April 20, 2016

Clay should not be too soft or squishy so that it sustains the mark of each thumbprint but should be firm enough to provide stability to the shape.  
Now, it needs to be understood here that when the clay is too soft it means that there is a lot of plasticizer mixed in it which needs to be removed.  

  • First way is to leach out the plasticizer by flattening it on paper and leaving it for some time. The longer the clay stays on paper, the more plasticizer will get removed. 


  • Second way to remove the softness from the clay is to keep it with dried clay. The dried up clay absorbs the plasticizer and when blended with the soft clay, what comes out is an even clay making it workable.  

You can also leave the clay overnight to let it become firm to make it usable.


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