What strategy should be adopted by parents to polish their child’s talent?

What strategy should be adopted by parents to polish their child’s talent?

Shivam Mahajan asked March 4, 2016

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Nikita Rawat March 4, 2016

Parents perhaps play the most important role in the success of their child but mere feelings are not sufficient.  Parents have to make mental and psychological efforts to bring out this talent and polish it to help the child fulfill his dream.  
Some very simple strategic aspects could serve as tools for the parents to instigate their child towards success. They are- 
Let your child pursue his/her dream-  
Every child has a dream of his own. Give freedom to your child to go after it. This will give your child the confidence that would prove to be the winning pawn in the long run. 
Explore facets of your child as a companion- 
Rather than being a strict parent, become your child’s companion and help him/her in opening up to you without fear and sharing their innermost apprehensions about their fears regarding their dream or talent.  
Refrain from boasting- 
Avoid boasting about your child’s talent so that your child is not alienated from his own friends as it might spark off a competitive rivalry. Every child needs his space and boasting will not only bring your child to limelight but also might make your child over confident.  
Discipline and Balance your child-  
Inculcate discipline in your child regarding time and practice about whatever your child wants to pursue. Besides that help your child maintain balance between his talent and his normal activities that involves a strict daily regime.  
Make your child socialize-  
Don’t let your child just be in his/her world. Make them face and interact with the real world. It will help them feel attuned to other people and help them learn many new aspects from their surroundings that might just help them.
Find the right channels for your child- 
Just talent will not help your child achieve success. To polish this talent try to find out the right mediums that will help your child build up this talent. 
Perseverance and Hard Work- 
As a parent become an example to your child and diligently pursue all that there is that can excel your child in his/her talent. There will be many times when you will have to sacrifice your personal aspirations. Do not hesitate because your child needs your support at that crux.  
And believe me once you witness the success of your child, you will forget all your sacrifices and will dwell in that moment when your child makes you proud.


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