What strategy can I adopt to improve as a good Break Dancer?

What strategy can I adopt to improve as a good Break Dancer?

Shyam Sunder Sarkar asked April 19, 2016

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Seema Rawat April 19, 2016

Dancing comes from spontaneity but can only be mastered with continuous and diligent practice. Break Dance is not an easy form of dance and the moves required are full of high energy and synchronization.   
To become better at break dancing you can adopt the following ways:  

Exercise: Important to make you become used to the stance. Break dancing requires extreme energy and fluency in movements and the pushups, abdominal exercises and pull ups will go a long way to build your stamina as well as flexibility.  

Practice and Study: Patiently study all moves of break dancers that have made their mark in the field or study moves of your own colleagues intrinsically and you will learn a lot. Then comes the practice part where you have to keep aside some time daily where you practice what you have learnt or picked up. This will provide finesse to your dance.   

Control: Check yourself at every step by use of mirrors where you can watch while dancing and control your flaws and moves. By recording your performance you can find out your faulty steps and improvise on them. 

Patience and Passion: Both are important prerequisites of good dancing and so is the case with break dancing. Be patient while learning, do not give up and have passion for the art form in which you are indulging yourself in. 


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