What should I do if the clay is too firm?

What should I do if the clay is too firm?

Dharamveer Rawat asked April 20, 2016

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Nikita Rawat April 20, 2016

Firm clay means the clay has dried up and needs to be rehydrated. Dried up clay is impossible to work with as you will not be able to give the desired shape and even if you somehow manage to give it shape, there will be visible cracks on it.  
So you need to mellow it down to make it usable. Now this can be done by a number of ways such as- 

  • Poke a number of holes on the dried clay and then pour water on it to let it seep through those holes. It will soften the clay. 
  • You can also take a wet cloth and wrap the clay in it. It will moisten the clay to make it workable. 
  • You can continuously knead the clay in your hands to make it soft. 
  • Roll the clay in a ball and then run warm water on it, it will become soft. 
  • Microwave the clay for around 30 seconds or so to make it soft. 
  • Clay can also be softened by blowing warm temperature air on it via a blow dryer. 
  • Mixing a bit of baby oil can also help to soften clay. 

Here it is essential that you do not go overboard in applying any tips. 


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