What should be the winter preparation for plants?

What should be the winter preparation for plants?

Shivam Mahajan asked September 30, 2016

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Nikita Rawat September 30, 2016

Winter is known to kill plants or rather it is said that plants die in winters. To save your plants from the first hit of frost so that they can sustain the winters you have to make certain preparations and take precautions.  
As annual vegetables and flowers are replaced each spring, it is only the perennial plants that need to be taken care of in winters. 
Water your plants well during the fall months so that when winter comes the soil is adequately moist. On supplying water once a week up to 1” of the bed, the soil will receive about 6” of moistness. This will enable deep roots thus helping them to sustain winters. 
Pluck off all weeds and dried or decayed leaves from the plant and around the bed to avoid the winter pests to make their home in it. 
Cut off the stem that is dead from the plant. Prune your plants as old and soiled branches /stem are more susceptible to being affected by disease and make a compost of all removed plant matter. 
As soon as the ground starts to freeze, cover the bed with 2 to 4’” layer of straw mulch. Mulch maintains uneven soil temperature and prevents the roots from being damaged by frost.  


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