What kind of pen is good for calligraphy?

What kind of pen is good for calligraphy?

Payal Agarwal asked April 20, 2016

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Nikita Rawat April 20, 2016

Calligraphy has emerged as one of the most beautifully crafted writing skills which is a famous art around the globe for artists, hobbyists or writers. 
Choosing the right kind of pen for calligraphy is an important and crucial feature as all imprints of calligraphy are denoted by the pen. There are four kinds of pen and depending on personal preference the right pen can be opted for.
FELT TIP PENS: these pens are considered ideal for beginners as they are cheap and easy to use. But quality wise they do not sustain for a very long time and ink tends to get soaked on the paper so they should be considered for practice and not for any important documents.
FOUNTAIN PENS: ideally taken up for intermediate and advanced calligraphy they are loaded with changeable ink and nib cartridges.
DIP PENS: used by advanced calligraphers these pens consist of nib, handle and shaft. They work on the concept of ink being filled in reservoirs and being refilled after writing a few lines. 
BRUSH PENS: made of nylon or sable head, brush pen consist of a thin brush from 6mm to 20mm width and are difficult to use as they need skilled and mastered strokes. Brushes need to be dipped in ink or medium used every now and then. They can be very tiresome for the beginners and mess up their work.  
Selection of the right kind of pen is a process of trying out practically and going through each pen’s shortcomings henceforth to help you determine which pen would be most applicable and suitable for you.  


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