What kind of pen is good for beginning calligraphy?

What kind of pen is good for beginning calligraphy?

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Abhilash Rajput March 10, 2016

Pen is the secret behind the beautiful script of calligraphy and is like an extended hand which imprints letters on paper.  
Before starting to use a calligraphy pen , take two pencils of same hardness say HB and tie them together with a tape so that it becomes a two nib writing medium with nibs not more than 1 inch apart. Once you get in the habit of writing skillfully with that two nib pencil, go in for the beginner calligraphy pen. 
The best pen to be started with is the fountain pen that has a separate nib which should be broad and straight. If the calligrapher is left handed he/she should opt for a diagonal nib. 
The nib that the beginners start with should have medium flex as it would spread the tines apart readily even with small amount of pressure exerted by the beginner. Nibs should always be purchased in at least multiples of 3 as it takes 6months to a year for a nib to wear out. 
The nib should be strong enough to bear the pressure exerted by the beginner.  
The nib should be flexible enough to readily make thick down strokes and thin upstrokes.  
So, the beginner calligraphy pen should have a separate nib with the above mentioned features to make experience of calligraphy simple yet interesting.


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