What kind of paper is good for calligraphy?

What kind of paper is good for calligraphy?

Neha Agarwal asked April 19, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi April 19, 2016

It becomes quite overwhelming to choose the right kind of paper for calligraphy from a wide variety available.  

There are certain features of papers that need to be thoroughly assessed before selecting the paper: 

Go in for sized papers: Sizing means the treatment that is given to the paper surface during manufacturing process to induce absorption of ink into the fibers which later on are reflected by the cleanly carved letters.  

Opt for acid free / neutral PH papers: This is a treatment that neutralizes the effect of making the letters become yellow and brittle with time thus keeping calligraphy impressions everlasting. 

Determine the paper being Rag / Archival:  Rag papers made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen do not let letters get yellow over time and are ideal for calligraphy. 

Weight of papers: The greater the weight of the paper, the more rigid would be the surface. Just for writing letters of calligraphy 90lb paper is good but for extensive painting or gilding 140lb is ideal. 
Surface of the paper: Opt for papers that have a smooth surface but in case you want to give an artistic effect, a little roughness is allowable on the paper surface to give the imprint you want.


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