What is the scoring system in the game of Wrestling?

What is the scoring system in the game of Wrestling?

Gaurav Agnihotri asked February 24, 2017

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Ashish Kumar February 24, 2017

It must be understood that in wrestling, pinning down a wrestler is essential, but not the only way to win a game. For winning the game, players must perform certain actions or holds that gives them points. For instance, correct hold while standing on the mat or in a parterre position with three points of contact will give the wrestler points.
Overall, scoring can only be accomplished in following ways :

  • Takedown- Up to 2 points are awarded if the opponent is taken down on the mat and the other player is controlling them.


  • Escape- Up to 1 point is given to a player who gets away from the mat or gets into a neutral position when pinned down.


  • Reversal- Up to 2 points given to the player who gains control of the opponent from underneath them.


  • Near fall- Up to 3 points are given to the player who gets their opponent to fall down but can’t get them pinned. These points are given when shoulders of the opponent are within 4 inches of the mat (at least 2 seconds), when one shoulder touches the mat and another is at 45 degree angle or when wrestler is in high bridge.


  • Penalty Points- Up to 2 points for illegal holds, technical violations like going off the mat, grabbing clothing, locking or overlapping hands.

For more information, read The Complete Guide to Wrestling.


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