What is the right body language for debating?

What is the right body language for debating?

Neeraj Garg asked April 20, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput April 20, 2016

Body language brings out the visual impact of a person. Expressions, stance, gesture and posture all help in putting your message across. It is said that whereas 7% of a message is communicated by words, 38% by the tone used almost 55% of the message is portrayed by the body language. 
The right body language for debating categorically is the forceful and assertive demeanor of the debater. What he/she is saying in words should blend in or represented by the gestures and expressions to create an honest impact. 
The debater should be humble in the impressions that they want to create because body language portraying an arrogant or over confident attitude will put off the audience immediately.  
Your body language should show your confidence in your beliefs as words saying one thing and the body showing hesitant stance will immediately give away your nervousness. 
Overall it can be said that body language while debating should be confident, humble, expressive and calm. 


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