What is the right age to learn Tabla?

What is the right age to learn Tabla?


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Ashish Kumar March 1, 2016

There is no specific age to learn Tabla or any other musical instrument. Some of the parents think that enrolling a three year old kid for such classes is not a good idea, but actually, it is good. Zaakir Hussain is the best example who started his classes when he was just three years old. It was his years of experience and training sessions who made him the master of his skills. Similarly, for other kids also, music appreciation always welcome for all age groups. However, there are many more celebrities who started their training at a very small age and now they are worldwide popular. 
Another reason of sending the child at such a small age is that kids between the age of 3 to 5 years learn with more dedication. It makes them to learn more quickly than that of adults. Sending the kids to professional institute is also a good idea because there are various factors that plays a vital role for the development of kids. These are attention span, hand size, strength and ability. All such factors can be easily identified by a professional and in case, anything lacks within the child, professionals have potential to tackle.  

  1. My son is 5 years old and I was confused with the decision of sending him for Tabla classes. After reading here, it has become easy for me to make the decision of enrolling him to the classes. But still wanted to know, will it help the child to learn only for 6 months rather than taking the classes for a year or more.
  2. Hello Saurabh,Your son can attend the 6 months course for learning the Tabla basics. There are many institutes that organize hobby classes or short term courses. Well, if you are willing your child to excel in Table, enroll him for long term course/Thanks

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