What is the right age to learn Mridangam?

What is the right age to learn Mridangam?

Balwant Bisht asked April 20, 2016

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Ashish Kumar April 20, 2016

Music is the voice of the soul and it is often said that the talent runs in the veins and can be mastered with proper guidance. 
As a child beginner, the best age to start learning Mridangam is when the child is old enough to have developed strength in hands and fingers. Mridangam being a percussion instrument is difficult to play and requires strong hands as a prerequisite feature in the player.  
Ideally a child who has normal physical development can begin to learn Mridangam when he/she is 6-8 years old. By this time the motor skills get developed and the child can exhibit strength in playing upon the instrument. The child will be able to hold and understand the complexity of the instrument at this age and will have developed mental stamina to make him endure the practice sessions. It is said that children mould themselves to new ways very quickly and the age 5-6 is just the right age.  
If as a child you were deprived of learning the instrument, you can start to learn it at any age. Passion can never be bounded and can be pursued at any age. 


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