What is the right age to learn Guitar?

What is the right age to learn Guitar?

Shivangi Gupta Shivangi Gupta asked January 25, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi January 25, 2016

Well!! This is a very usual question that comes from the parents who have kids of age around 3-4 years. So, for them, there is no specific age to start learning such skills.There are many training institutes that enroll small school going kids to teach them.This not only help the kids to learn a new skill, but also help them to give a bright future, if they keep their training regular. The only thing that is required while enrolling the child is to check the level of interest they have in a particular skill.However, there are many more things while enrolling the child. One of them is to check the experience of the trainer and the reputation of the institute. Sometimes,there are non-registered training institutes that have lack of knowledge and do not
help the kids to get expertise. The last and the very important thing to be considered before enrolling the child is to check the size of the guitar. It should not be big enough that a child could not hold. An expertise’s suggestion could be taken before.


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