What is the optimum temperature for candle pouring?

What is the optimum temperature for candle pouring?

Deepak Sharma asked July 7, 2016

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Abhilash Rajput July 7, 2016

The temperature at which the candles should be poured is an important aspect of candle making and depends on a variety of factors such as

  • The type of candle that is being made
  • The finish that is desired
  • The time of the year when the candle is being made

It is advisory that molds and containers should be preheated before pouring in them and the general pouring temperature of some candles are-
And usually pouring temperature between 170F-185F is suitable or applied to most candles.

  1. Hi, I love Candle making and want to learn more about it.So can you please help me to know that among Paraffin,Gel and Soy which wax is best to use?
  2. There are so many kinds of wax from which one can easily make candles but choosing the right one can really be irksome and frustrating.

    It is not very easy to determine which one is the best because each type of wax have certain advantages and come loaded with some cons too. It all basically comes down to what type of candle you want to make, your budget, whether you are a beginner or want to take it up professionally, melting point of the wax and lastly whether the candles to be made are in small quantities or in a large number.

    To select from, Firstly there is Paraffin wax which is cheap, good for beginners and the most easy to use. Is ideally the best wax for beginners and can be chosen from either straight or blended form.

    Cream wax and Gel wax cannot be even considered as competitors in this fight for best wax to be used as they both have serious limitations to their applications.

    Beeswax is the most expensive wax but burns for a really long time. So they can be the best choice if you want candles that need to be burnt for a very long time.
    Palm wax and Bayberry wax, I would say have their advantages but on general basis cannot be considered as the best wax to be used.

    Then there is Soy wax which is the least expensive and very good for making a huge quantity of candles still after evaluating all aspects I would suggest to start with Paraffin wax as ideally candles and paraffin go hand in hand.
  3. Hope you find the information useful.

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