What is the importance of sports education?

What is the importance of sports education?

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Abhilash Rajput September 16, 2016

Sports has become an integral part of our education system in present times. Gone are the days when academics was the only important prerequisite in education system. Now, stress is laid upon an overall development of the students.  
There are innumerable career opportunities that are available for the students in sports and they work towards teaching a child how to take up losing spiritedly and bounce back readily on his feet. It also teaches fair play and single minded determination thus strengthening the fighting spirit of the child.  
It is truly essential that all work and no play makes a child dull and thus a sound mind and body can only be achieved by sports.  
Education means imparting knowledge of both academics and sports to the child. If the child is only good at academics yet fails to even participate in sports, he shall lose confidence and lag behind. Sports provides fun and mental and physical stability and thus is important in education these days.  


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