What is the eligibility criteria for ASSET Exam ?

What is the eligibility criteria for ASSET Exam ?

Debashri Banerjee asked March 10, 2017

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Ashish Kumar March 10, 2017

ASSET Stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. It is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test.

Eligibility - The students studying in 3-10 class can take this exam.The exam is conducted in the school during school hours in summer (July-August) or winter (December)

Syllabus - The core subjects included in the ASSET exam are English, Maths and Science and the Optional Subjects includes Social Studies and Hindi.The exam involves multiple-choice questions to focus on measuring how well SKILLS and CONCEPTS underlying the school syllabus have been understood by the student.This exam is mainly based on the CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and major state boards’curriculum.

Exam Pattern - The exam is a paper and pencil based exam. The exam consist of 2 sections, each section lasts for 25 minutes

- The Basic Skills Tests - It measures students capabilities in writing, reading and numerical calculations.This section consist of following parts -

  • Writing Skills Test: There are 36 testing items in this test. Grammar, sentence structure, writing style and strategy and punctuation are the main capabilities put to test in this test.
  • Reading Skills Test: There are 24 testing items administered in this test. You are required to make rational deductions from the information presented in text form. The inferences are to be drawn from the passages.
  • Numerical Skills Test: There are 32 items in this test. You are required to perform basic numerical operations on whole numbers, fractions and decimals in this test. Prime numbers, absolute values, scientific notation and square roots are other subject areas tested in this test.

- The Advanced Mathematics Tests - It measures students capabilities in subjects like geometry and algebra related with advanced level mathematics.This section consist of following parts -

  • Elementary Algebra Test: The items are based on evaluation and simplification of algebraic expressions, finding solutions of linear and quadratic equations and performing operations on polynomials. These topics pertain to first year high school algebra syllabus.
  • Intermediate Algebra Test: This test contains questions based on second-year high school algebra syllabus. These include factoring, graphs, solutions of linear inequalities, calculations involving slopes and distances.
  • College Algebra Test: First-year college algebra course is the basis of this test. The topics on which the testing items are based are operations with complex numbers, factorials, exponential functions and graphs of polynomials.
  • Geometry Test: The testing items pertain to high school geometry syllabus. These include formulas and principles related with triangles, squares, circles and other geometrical figures.

Benefits of taking ASSET Exam -
- Provides detailed customised skill-wise feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses
- Benchmarks the student’s performance against peers all over the country
- Allows schools to benchmark themselves against the best and identify areas requiring improvement
- Provides teachers with insights into where exactly their students stand compared to the national average or another section or school


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