What is the difference between public speaking and debating?

What is the difference between public speaking and debating?

Narendra Bisht asked March 4, 2016

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Meenakshi Tripathi March 4, 2016

Public speaking refers to speaking in a structured manner to a group of audience whereby the speaker intends to inform, entertain or influence the listeners whereas debating is a controversial argument between two individuals or teams that stand as opponents with one in favor of the topic and one against the topic.  
The basic difference between debating and public speaking lies in the manner, method and matter that are presented by them. 
Manner: Debating is very aggressive and enforcing as a point against the other team has to be stressed upon whereas public speaking is presenting views in a docile yet effective manner. There is no competition to outweigh another and the speaker has space to present his ideas calmly. 
Method: The method in debating is an argumentative approach whereas public speaking takes on the form of only voicing details about a certain topic.  
Matter: The matter in debating is comprehensively framed so that it covers all aspects to a topic with effective stress on either for or against the topic whereas in public speaking the speaker can voice ideas both in favor and against the topic he is speaking upon.  


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