What is the best time to divide Perennials?

What is the best time to divide Perennials?

Parul Vishnoi asked April 19, 2016

1 answer

Nikita Rawat April 19, 2016

Plants that live for more than two years are known as Perennial plants. They grow and bloom over spring and summer and die in the autumns and winters and then return again.  
Dividing a perennial means when we break one plant into several smaller pieces and place those pieces to enable them to grow as separate plant.
Timing and technique is very important when dividing Perennials. Though a perennial can be divided at any time of the year if utmost care is given afterwards yet the best time to divide a perennial is the time from fall to spring. Reason being that the perennial  gets months to recuperate if divided in fall, before the summer heat hits again.  


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